Ariston built in microwave oven: stainless steel color - MD 554 IX A

MD 554 IX A

This Ariston built in Microwave Oven features: outstanding cavity size. Grill function. Crisp function, for unbeatably crisp quiches, pizzas and pies. Stainless steel color.

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Main specification

Cooking type: MW+Grill function

Grill power (W): 800

Capacity (l): 31

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Gold brown and crispy grilling in the microwave. Grill with self cleaning function. For gratin, casseroles or lasagna.

Rapid Defrost
Rapid Defrost

Exceptionally fast and even defrosting thanks to the unique uniform energy distribution of the 3D system. Just select the food type, set the weight and press start.

Dynamic Crisp
Dynamic Crisp

The Crisp plate, thanks to Multiwave technology and the grill, quickly reaches the most suitable temperaturefor browning and making the food delicious and crispy, even on the bottom. It is ideal for cooking roasts, pizzas, omelettes and cakes. The grill, ideal for uniformly browning the top part of the food, is three times faster than a traditional grill and it uses less energy.

Auto Cooking Programs
Auto Cooking Programs

The Automatic Cooking programs is the comprehensive range of preset recipes that allows you to prepare almost everything, from appetizer to dessert, by simply selecting the specific function. The microwave controls and automatically adjusts the cooking parameters according to the functions selected.

Quartz Grill
Quartz Grill

The Quartz Grill reheats and cooks your food faster than a traditional infrared grill. It is resource-efficient, reducing your energy costs, and entirely self-cleaning."

Multiwave Technology
Multiwave Technology

Innovative technology that ensures perfect microwave distribution, delivering superior cooking quality. The microwaves are emitted into the cavity from two entry points, at different preset times, moving in all directions and bouncing off the inside walls. This allows the microwaves to reach every part of the food, thus delivering more uniform cooking, heating and defrosting and also reducing time and energy consumption.

Technical data


  • Cooking type : MW+Grill function
  • Multiwave/Double Emission Technology : 3D
  • Maximum micro-wave power (W) : 1000
  • Type of grill : Quartz
  • Grill power (W) : 800


  • Height (cm) : 38.5
  • Width (cm) : 59.5
  • Depth (cm) : 46.8
  • Cavity depth (cm) : 38.0
  • Cavity height (cm) : 20.0
  • Cavity width (cm) : 40.5

Structural features

  • Colour : Stainless steel
  • Capacity (l) : 31
  • Door opening mode : Drop-front with handle
  • Hinge type : Standard
  • Display type : LCD
  • Child lock
  • Voltage (V) : 230
  • Frequency (Hz) : 50
  • Type of control : Electronic
  • Number of power levels : 7
  • Clock
  • Turntable diameter (mm) : 325
  • Turntable stoppable : Yes
  • Net weight (kg) : 27
  • EAN code : 8007842966800


  • Crisp
  • Auto cooking programs
  • Defrost


  • Crisp plate
  • Grill grid
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